As well as competitive pricing.

After price, almost two-thirds of Australian consumers said free delivery is the most import factor when choosing an online retailer, according to a survey.

Cost and speed of delivery is crucial in the age of Amazon, Insights manager at, Graham Cooke said.

“Cost of shipping is clearly the biggest bugbear for Aussie shoppers and for those basing their experience off Amazon overseas, disappointment could be likely,” he said. “Retailers who offer free shipping across-the-board, along with cheaper prices are going to capture more online shoppers.”

However, he said while Amazon is still to launch its Prime subscription service in Australia, which would offer free delivery for a set fee, it could be a game-changer when it arrives in 2018. Amazon US offers free shipping with all orders of US$25 or more on eligible items however the Australian offer is nowhere near as competitive. Currently Amazon offers a no-fee option on single orders of A$49 or more with priority shipping for next day delivery available for A$9.99.

Cooke urged Australians to shop around before getting swept up in the Amazon whirlwind. “While Amazon has a reputation for cheap prices, consumers should check online to see if they can find the same product for less elsewhere.”

The survey by of 2,010 consumers also found that free returns were a priority for only 7 per cent of shopper, same-day delivery was a preference for only 5 per cent, and loyalty rewards rated with only 3 per cent of consumers.