UnderCurrent was interested to read Dr Reinhard Zinkann’s views on whether he considers Miele to be a trendsetter. Having thoroughly wowed the appliance world with Generation 6000, available in Obsidian Black, Brilliant White and Mink, as well as the more traditional CleanSteel, commentators would be justified in saying that Miele is heralding a new era in kitchen appliance aesthetics, but Zinkann is having none of it:

If you talk about colour schemes, they come and go, and our idea is to have colours that really fit into the kitchen as if they have always been there. You look at them and like it for 5, 10, 20 years. If you are too stylish or too modern or too trendsetting, then the problem is that trends come and go and colours come and go and after five or 10 years they might not like it much more.

What, then, would Zinkann make of this intriguing if esoteric Frigidaire design from the 1970s?!


UnderCurrent can’t help but think they were sick of this design by the time the film was developed…

(Hat-tip to u/heyits_poky)