By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: LG Electronics has today announced that the National Asthma Council Australia has accepted the LG Steam Combined Washer and Dryer into its Sensitive Choice Program, becoming the only product is its category to be accepted into the program.

“With over 12 per cent of the population suffering from asthma and 40 per cent from allergies, it is increasingly important for manufacturers and service providers to provide products that help Australians manage their asthma and allergies more effectively,” said National Asthma Council CEO, Kristine Whorlow.

“The LG Steam Combined Washer and Dryer submission provided a compelling case to be deemed as allergy friendly, and is the only product in it’s category to be accepted by the Sensitive Choice program,” she said.

Commenting on the Sensitive Choice program, LG category manager – whitegoods and floorcare, Irena Stojceska, said LG is extremely proud of this product innovation and the positive impact it will have on the lives of some two million Australians currently suffering from Asthma.

“LG is dedicated to improving the lives of our consumers. The LG Steam Combined Washer and Dryer has been engineered to cater for the needs of those suffering from asthma and allergies and so much more.

“It seamlessly automates the entire laundry process with the touch of a button, all the while, operating at optimal temperatures to ensure the most hygienic wash and gentle, thorough dry.

“The LG Steam Combined Washer and Dryer is the culmination of extensive research and cutting edge technology to produce a high quality and healthy lifestyle choice for consumers,” said Stojceska.

The factors which contributed to the acceptance of the LG Steam Washer and Dryer into the Sensitive Choice Program are based on LG’s own extensive research and include high operating temperatures, optimal conditions, warm water rinse and excess moisture evaporation.

Additionally, the LG Steam Combined Washer and Dryer boast a minimum AAAA water rating, including a AAAAA water rating depending on the model.