By Martin Vedris

MELBOURNE, VIC: The managing director Michael Jeanes said it back in 2006 and now premium domestic appliance manufacturer, Miele, is on track to increase its turnover to AUD $300 million in the Australian and New Zealand region by the end of the 2009 calendar year.

Managing director of Miele Australia and New Zealand, Michael Jeanes, forecasted this ambitious revenue target in 2006, stating in a story on (see that story here) that the turnover would grow to this level by 2010. Today Michael Jeanes announced that there are strong indications that this goal will be achieved ahead of time.

“Miele continues to go from strength to strength,” Jeanes said today. “We look to a very positive future. We have a great team and some exceptional product innovations in the pipeline for 2010 and beyond.”

Miele Australia issued a statement that substantial investments in infrastructure and support systems have assisted Miele to achieve impressive increases in sales. More than $25 million has been invested in the development of a new warehousing system through the development of a national distribution centre in Rosehill and four additional interstate warehouses.

In addition, the company opened several new Miele Galleries in Australia and one in Auckland, New Zealand. The Galleries give consumers the chance to see Miele appliances in a natural setting and also in use in cooking demonstrations. According to Miele Australia, the Galleries have given the company a distinctive and sustainable competitive advantage.

The company stated that its product technology, functionality, innovation and design are fundamental to Miele’s sales growth, and cited the example of the new water- and energy efficient G 1500 series of dishwashers and the new integrated refrigeration products.