Fisher & Paykel is rolling out a new range of touchscreen built-in ovens this month, comprising four, 76cm and two, 60cm models, all featuring pyrolytic cleaning and 16 oven functions.

The ovens are equipped with a high-resolution digital interface that gives step-by-step instructions for a wide range of pre-loaded recipes with precise measures and ideal cooking times and temperatures. According to the company these guided cooking technologies have been developed to cater for new emerging cooking styles.

From novice to expert, guided cooking allows cooks to experiment and experience new cuisine with confidence, Fisher & Paykel chief designer of cooking, Adam Moody said.

“Our guided cooking technologies leverage decades of cooking insights, removing the guesswork for the home chef so they can focus on creating exceptional cuisine.”

Supported by AeroTech technology, heat is circulated evenly and precisely throughout the market leading-leading 85 litre oven cavity, ensuring a consistent temperature at every stage of cooking, Moody said.

Ovens are available in stainless and black contrasts with contemporary styling or monochromatic black finishes in a more minimalist design. RRPs range from $3,299 to $7,999.