UnderCurrent’s Italian cousin Il Dolce UnderCurrento was in need of a mouse (the computer type), so it visited Trony, an Italian chain of electrical and appliance retailers where, according to the company motto, “there are no comparisons”. Halfway between a JB Hi-Fi and a Harvey Norman store, this Trony outlet was positioned inside a metro train station; perfectly located to capture the hubbub of foot traffic.

Il Dolce UnderCurrento is happy to report that the service at this outlet was exceptional. It’s happy to report that, keeping within the spirit of calcio-mad Milan, it alighted upon the perfect mouse for a World Cup year:

Logitech mouse
Forza Azzuri!

Logitech is marketing a range of World Cup themed mice, with Italy, England, Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands, Russia and even the United States featured. Alas, there was no Australia!

This recalls the same oversight from Coloud for its otherwise excellent World Cup themed headphones:

Coloud Holland

Coloud’s range is available in Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, England and, as pictured above, the Netherlands.