The world of technology, electronics and componentry will again converge on Hong Kong in October 2014 for the northern Autumn edition of the Electronics Fair and electronicsAsia, two concurrent fairs that attract buyers and sourcers from all over the world.

The two shows will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 13-16 October 2014, and are organised Hong Kong Trade Development Council (electronicsAsia is co-hosted by MMI Asia).

“The Electronics Fair presents all kinds of electronic gadgets, such as audio visual products, computer and peripherals, digital imaging, electronic gaming, the iWorld, in-vehicle electronics  and navigation systems, home appliances and security products,” said HKTDC deputy executive director Benjamin Chau.

Chau said two new areas of focus for the show are wearables and 3D printing.

“Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for wearable electronics in the market. The upcoming Electronics Fair will introduce a new product zone as well as a showcase area to present this latest development. Another new zone to be launched at the fair is 3D Printing, where exhibitors will present their cutting-edge 3D printers and technology.”

More than 100,000 buyers are expected to attend the Fair this year, visiting over 4,100 exhibitors. In addition to factory representatives and sourcing agents for larger quantities, there is also a small order zone for those looking to bring in a limited range for ‘event marketing’.

“We’ve seen a growing interest among buyers in placing small and frequent orders, so we will continue to present the Small-Order Zone at the fair,” Chau said. “It will serve as a convenient platform for buyers to source in smaller lots ranging from 5 to 1,000 pieces.”

On at the same time as the sourcing show is electronicsAsia (styled with the lower case ‘e’), the fair de jour for suppliers of components, display technologies and solar technologies. This show also includes resistors, capacitors, LCDs, resonators, printed circuit boards and transformers.

Appliance Retailer visited this show in 2013 and wrote up the experiences in a feature titled, Inside Source: How the technology sausage is made in Hong Kong.