By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: The Koreans might be dominating market share and the Chinese factories are turning out all the stock, but Australians still associate great manufacturing with two of the more established locations for quality product engineering.

In a poll running on over the last month, we asked which country’s suppliers provide the best products, and the results are good news for Panasonic, Sony, Miele and Bosch.

Garnering almost one third of the total vote, Japan is the most revered home country for fine products, with just over 32 per cent of all respondents nominating the land of cherry blossoms as the best. In second place, with 28 per cent of the vote, was Germany, the country closely associated with high efficiency and dedicated workmanship.

Also receiving a significant share of responses were South Korea (13 per cent) and Australia (11 per cent).

Not faring as well were the United States and China, which only just beat out ‘Other’ in the poll. The only country to score worse than this collective was Italy, which may be attributed to the comparative lack of brands emanating out of the boot.

Full Results

Suppliers from which country provide the best products?

32% – Japan
28% – Germany
13% – South Korea
11% – Australia
5% – China
4% – United States
4% – Other
3% – Italy