By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE, VIC & SYDNEY, NSW: Pioneer Australia is harnessing the increasing societal disapproval of using gadgets while driving, launching a new marketing campaign it hopes will highlight the safety aspects of its own in-car navigation and entertainment products.

The recent graphic television commercials warning of the dangers of talking and texting while driving have stimulated renewed discussion in this topic. In the advertisement, viewers are shown the violent and tragic potential aftermath of a crash caused by driver distraction. These disturbing images present a liability for suppliers of in-car products, so it is not surprising that Pioneer is being proactive in addressing the nascent concerns of the general public.

“Pioneer is one hundred percent supportive of new laws initiated by State Governments to limit driver distractions, particularly for learner drivers,” said Pioneer head of product planning Paul Baddeley.

“Our AVIC series provides a legal, safe option for motorists wanting navigation assistance, as well as Bluetooth mobile phone control and musical entertainment in the car.

“Driving around and operating a mobile phone from your lap or in your hand is distracting and extremely dangerous. Every year, many serious and fatal road accidents are caused by motorists dangerously using their mobile phone whilst driving.”

The new marketing campaign to promote Pioneer’s in-car safety credentials will incorporate print and online advertisements, a consumer educational video and in-store point-of-sale material.