By Claire Reilly

LG is determined to combat one of the common bugbears of those who vacuum regularly with the launch of the new Kompressor Follow Me vacuum cleaner. According to the company, it is the "world’s first" vacuum cleaner capable of following the user around the house.

A new addition to LG’s existing Kompressor floorcare range, the Kompressor Follow Me features a sensor with Automatic Location Recognition Technology and the Active Following Wheel Technology that detects the user’s movements and allows the vacuum to automatically follow the user while cleaning.

Three sensors in the vacuum body follow a transmitting sensor in the handle to ensure the vacuum body is always kept one metre from the user. When the distance between the sensors on the body and the handle exceeds 100 centimetres, the vacuum moves to shorten the distance and thus keep up with a person while they vacuum.

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LG Electronics Australia corporate marketing manager Fiona Irving told that this technology is just another example of the way LG aims to make everyday life easier for consumers.

“It keeps the vacuum a metre away from you so you aren’t dragging the vacuum cleaner as you’re moving forward,” she said. “It’s all about taking the strain out of vacuuming. It’s about technology enhancing lifestyles.

“The amount of people that have sore backs, or elderly people – something like this can make it so easy for them.”

The bagless Follow Me also features Kompressor technology that uses a Vertical Cyclone System to optimise airflow and generate suction with greater power. The Kompressor also compacts the dust into solid cubes, so emptying the vacuum becomes less messy and can be done less often.

The LG Kompressor Follow Me (LG-VK9120UH) is available for RRP $749.