Installation of displays in retail.

Fisher & Paykel has invested in digital display screens to present the depth of the company’s product range, given that space on the retail floor is at such a premium and not every model can be viewed.

Presented in life size, the screens also facilitate the process for the salesperson by providing information at their fingertips of every model with the added benefit of being able to email customers information about the products they have expressed interest in, according to F&P marketing manager, Kara May.

F&P display

Fisher & Paykel display screen in Harvey Norman Bundall

“Customers today want choice, and with our extensive range across all categories – it is important we provide visibility of what we offer,” she told Appliance Retailer.

The digital display screens appear in the company’s Sydney experience centre and head office. The first retail installation was for the Harvey Norman Bundall store and F&P will roll out additional displays in the second half of the year with locations yet to be confirmed.