Fisher & Paykel is turning 80 this year, and to celebrate they are offering an 80-day money-back guarantee on SmartDrive Front Loader washers and their 10kg Top Loaders from now until 30 June 2014.

Fisher & Paykel WashSmart front Loader
Fisher & Paykel WashSmart front loader

“Fisher & Paykel has a proud heritage of designing and manufacturing exceptional laundry products and we’re proud to back our latest range of SmartDrive washers with a money back guarantee, (after a 14 day trial) as the ultimate expression of confidence in our products,” said Kara May, marketing manager, Fisher & Paykel Australia.

Fisher & Paykel have taken their expertise and experience with top loaders to create two new front loaders, the WashSmart and the QuickSmart, which come in 7.5kg and 8.5kg sizes. The new front loaders have a 4-star energy rating, a 4.5-star WELS rating and come with a 10 year motor warranty.

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The front loaders also have a unique washing action called ‘Vortex Wash’ which acts as a “reverse waterfall to drench an entire load in seconds, like an explosion mid-cycle.” It uses the force of the spinning drum to force sudsy water through the clothes to enhance wetting.

May said meeting the needs of families is at the heart of the Fisher & Paykel design process, leading to features such as super-fast wash cycles (the majority of which take less than an hour and the Super Quick cycle in the WashSmart takes just 15 minutes from start to finish).

The front loaders also come with an anti-fungal door seal and a drum clean cycle to prevent odours occurring in the washer.

All the machines use SmartDrive technology which removes the need for belts, pulleys and the traditional piece of concrete to hold the machine down in the spin cycles. Without these extra components, the washers are quieter and vibrate less.

Further promotion details are available here.

Washers eligible for the money back guarantee:

Front loader washing machines
WashSmart 7.5kg (WH7560P1)
WashSmart 8.5kg (WH8560P1)
QuickSmart 7.5kg  (WH7560J1)
QuickSmart 8.5kg  (WH8560J1)

Top loader washing machines
CleanSmart 10kg (WL1068P1)
WashSmart 10kg (WA1068G1)