Fisher & Paykel is releasing a new range of washing machines and heat pump dryers with Steam Refresh functionality designed for garments that do not require a full wash-and-dry process.

The new Steam Refresh cycle on the washing machines quickly and easily refreshes lightly worn garments or items that have been stored for an extended period by deodorising and de-wrinkling them and making them ready to wear in minutes.

The Steam Refresh cycle is also environmentally friendly as it uses gentle steam, saving water and reducing wear on fabrics, while being gentler on sensitive skin and less allergenic.

The heat pump dryer features a Steam Freshen cycle to revive lightly worn garments for fresh, fast, dry and wrinkle-free wear. It performs in the same way as the washing machine but has the added convenience of being able to dry the garment at the completion of the cycle.

Internal research and testing by Fisher & Paykel found that most people over-wash their clothes on a regular basis, which not only affects the longevity of fabrics, but uses more water, energy and detergent than required.

“We have launched our new Steam Care range of washers and dryers with the aim to give our customers an alternative, more sustainable option to freshen their garments. This means fewer full wash cycles, gentler fabric care and less time spent washing and ironing clothes,” Fisher & Paykel general manager for laundry, John Molloy told Appliance Retailer.

“Steam quickly revives clothes don’t require a full wash cycle. Our 20-minute Steam Refresh cycle in the washing machine leaves clothes fresh, wrinkle-free, and ready to wear. Depending on the fabric, ironing is either not needed at all or is easier and faster to do.

“The Steam Freshen cycle in the dryer combines our unique Steam Care technology with our auto-sensing function, meaning the cycle may take a little longer until it senses that the item is completely dry and ready to wear.

“As a business, we pride ourselves on our sustainable approach to appliance design. We have a strong focus on reducing energy, water, and detergent use, without compromising performance. In developing this new range of Steam Care products, we were conscious of the impact the clothing industry has on the environment.”

The Fisher & Paykel Laundry Steam range comprises three Series 5 front load washing machines starting from RRP $999, two Series 7 front load washing machines starting from RRP $1,199, and three Series 9 front load washing machines starting from RRP $1,799, which are supported by the Series 9 heat pump dryer for RRP $2,399.