Myer, eBay partnership shows pleasing results.

The world’s first virtual reality (VR) department store, developed through a partnership between Myer and eBay, has delivered  an outstanding customer response since its inception in May this year, according to Myer chief digital and data officer, Mark Cripsey.

“The VR store to date has received over 1.7 million visits and we will continue to work with eBay on an on-going basis, testing different product ranges to better understand our eBay customer and what they want from their shopping experience,” he told Appliance Retailer.


“We have been very pleased with the customer response to the free eBay shopticals (specially designed virtual reality viewers) that were given away at the launch of the VR store. On the day of launch, over 8,000 people visited the website at 7am to grab the first run of shopticals and in the first week, the daily allocation of 1,000 shopticals was exhausted within two minutes each day,” he added.

He said the partnership with eBay reflects the department store’s commitment to omni-channel retailing.

“What better way than to partner with Australia’s largest marketplace to launch the world’s first virtual reality department store through which we can reach a much broader customer base,” Cripsey concluded.