The owner of specialist Italian refrigeration manufacturer Fhiaba has predicted growth for the brand in the Australian market.

Fhiaba CEO, Massimo Toaldo told Appliance Retailer at the EuroCucina exhibition in Milan, that he expects the brand growth in the Australian market – managed through distributor Eurolinx – to follow the growth of other global markets.

“The market for our products is growing faster than before – and this growth is very significant in the North American market and now in the European market – so based on these trends we expect this growth to translate to the Australian market,” he said.

Todd Gibbons (Winnings), Daniel Bertuccio (Eurolinx), Tristan Peters (Eurolinx), Harry Boileau (Winnings) and Jake Robertson (Winnings) in front of the Fhiaba refrigerators with premium copper metallic finish

“It looks like things are moving again in Australia and there are a lot of interesting requests for projects, so I am happy to give the support that Eurolinx and our retailers need in the Australian market,” he said.

New products on the Fhiaba stand at EuroCucina included new underbench wine cabinets and refrigerated drawers for both an indoor kitchen and outdoor alfresco kitchen configuration expected to arrive in Australia in 2023.

Fhiaba indoor under bench refrigeration drawers, wine cabinet and humidor.

According to Eurolinx national sales manager, Tristan Peters, the indoor kitchen refrigerated drawers will feature TriMode that can be used at three different temperatures – fridge, freezer or a third temperature called fresco – for fresh produce including fruit and vegetables or seafood. The TriMode feature – already available in its freestanding refrigeration range – can be used for either of the two vertically stacked drawers for indoor kitchens.

Within the alfresco range are underbench wine cabinets, chill-only vertically stacked double refrigerated drawers and a beverage centre.

Fhiaba 450mm column wine cabinet.

Also released for the show were internal water dispensers embedded into the side wall of the 600mm, 750mm and 900mm column refrigerators in all three styles for the first time. Also released was a 450mm column freezer and 450mm column wine storage unit as well as a number of new metallic colours.

Peters also confirmed that orders for the new products have already commenced and compared to other companies selling premium refrigeration products into the Australia market from overseas manufacturers, Fhiaba and Eurolinx are offering up to half the lead-time as its competitors.

Fhiaba wine cabinet and humidor.

“Realistically – right now – we can offer eight to nine months lead time on products – whereas others are offering 12 to 18 months due to supply chain and shipping issues to Australia. We are getting some great delivery times from Fhiaba in part because Fhiaba makes their own products – as well as others – and we have an exceptional relationship that means we have direct access to their manufacturing when we require an order to be filled. The strategy that Massimo has is to draw-back a lot of the OEM product that is sold under different brands and prioritising Fhiaba and its business partners including Eurolinx so our retailers are therefore the beneficiaries of this strategy.

Daniel Bertuccio (Eurolinx), Tristan Peters (Eurolinx) and Massimo Toaldo (Fhiaba) inspect the new Fhiaba alfresco range of outdoor refrigeration products.

“Our products are quite unique in the appliance market – and we have a heritage of professional and commercial refrigeration and we have brought our experience into these special products,” Toaldo said, who sells Fhiaba into 30 different countries globally.

“This is the only show that we attend all over the world and it is by far the most important exhibition for us. We have had a lot of our customers from all over the world visit us here at EuroCucina. It is good to see people again face-to-face and we hope we can continue like this into the future.”

Feature image: Eurolinx national sales manager, Tristan Peters and Fhiaba CEO, Massimo Toaldo.