By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: The digital TV switch over, rolling out in strategic regions nationally until 2013, is creating sales opportunities for retailers but also problems as many customers also need to upgrade their TV antennas, but Jim’s Antennas is offering national retailers a national solution.

If the digital TV switch over wasn’t confusing enough for some consumers, potential digital TV signal reception problems are also causing concern. Picking up digital TV is not always as simple as buying a TV with built-in digital tuner, set top box or digital media device — sometimes the customer will need a new antenna, or even new cabling.

“A big frustration for retailers is that consumers go out and buy a digital set top box or a TV with a built-in digital tuner, but if their antenna system is getting a bit old, when they get their new products home, the image can pixelate or freeze and the consumer straight away will blame the product, whereas if that happens when we go out to install it, we can assess the situation and tell them that the TV or set box is fine it’s a problem with a connector, cable or antenna and we can fix it on the spot,” said Jim’s Antennas national franchisor, Andrew Parke.

“We also make sure the TV reception is as strong as possible and the TV is tuned into the channels and the home theatre system is all set up and ready to go, meaning the retailer can concentrate on their business while we take care of the rest.”

Jim’s Antennas is in a strategically strong position to pick up work as the digital TV switch over sweeps over the country. The antenna installation company has franchisees in every state in both regional and metropolitan areas.

“We’re able to offer national retail stores like Dick Smith, Retravision, Betta Stores, Harvey Norman a standard price list right across the country,” said Parke.

“With the strength of all our guys, over 150 on the road, we’re currently doing all of JB Hi-Fi nationally, we deal with many retailers on a local level but because we are a national network we would love to deal with retailers on a national level and handle all of their antenna and home set up needs.

"Any retailers who would like to contact me to see how we can help and what services we can offer, they can call me on (03) 9646 5004 or 0418 595 304.”

Currently, JB Hi-Fi sell the Jim’s Antennas installation as a SKU and then Jim’s Antennas looks after the installation and after sales service in home.

“Jim’s Antennas installers are franchisees and they own the business, so they take a lot of pride in their service and in the Jim’s name, unlike contractors in other companies who come and go and don’t care about the service.

“With Jim’s Antennas, we look after the retailer’s customer and we take all the worry off the retailers and make sure everything works for the customer first time, so they don’t have to go back to the retailer to solve any reception or connection problems. We solve all those problems for the retailer, on the spot.”