By Martin Vedris

MELBOURNE: Pebble Electronics, distributor of Conia and Hicon products, is preparing to launch a new range of four HD integrated flat panel TVs in December — the range includes a 42- and a 50-inch plasma and a 26- and a 32-inch LCD.

“This is the next exciting phase for Conia, continuing on from the great momentum we’ve generated over the past 18 months with our great range of analogue and SD flat panel products,” said Conia’s general manager Nicholas Fry.

“HD TV is the future, and it is with great pleasure that today we release our first HD integrated LCD and plasma products.”

With the Blu-ray and HD DVD ‘format war’ resulting in more movies being released in full HD and now Channel’s 7 and 10 offering HD broadcasts, and Foxtel expected to be launching HD broadcasts soon, Fry said the timing is perfect for the Conia launch.

“Conia has always acted with great deliberation and thorough research in launching new products to the market. We work very closely with our factories and we’ve seen the rewards of that, given the success of our new LCD and plasma range this year. Now we are ready to enter the HD market, and our expectation is that this new range will replicate the success we’ve enjoyed with our current range; by offering our trading partners a quality, well featured and profitable product at a competitive price. Look out — here comes Conia HD!”

The new Conia range will consist of a 42- and 50-inch HD integrated plasma TV along with a 26- and 32-inch HD integrated LCD TV. Fry would not reveal pricing details, but said, “as always, Conia will be at the forefront in terms of our offer of quality, features and value. With our trading partners, we’re planning the launch of these breakthrough products to the market over the next four weeks.”

Fry also announced the release of a new Conia 32 inch plasma TV, due out in mid-December.

“Once again Conia offers a complete range of flat panel TVs. We don’t just dabble, we go full bore as we offer a range of analogue, SD and now HD flat panel TVs. Our LCD and plasma range will now consist of a very comprehensive breadth of range, with over 20 models available, from 15-inch LCD through to 50-inch plasma. We’ll still offer a great SD range in the smaller LCD screen sizes, with HD in 66 cm and above in LCD and plasma. It’s a great range, catering for all consumer wants and needs, further shoring up our position as a market leader in flat panel TV.”