By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Echoing the Australian Federal Police warning two days ago, the consumer watchdog has listed online shopping third in a list of 10 scams to watch out for this Christmas.

Entitled 'Beware: the 10 scams of Christmas', the list is comprised of scenarios where vulnerable consumers could fall prey to stolen identities and money. The typical online scam is purchasing a gift online that never arrives, according to the list.

Potential online scams include spam offers, modem jacking, credit card scams, phishing scams, auction and shopping scams, and ‘free’ offers on the internet. Full details of such scams can be found at the SCAMwatch website.

"Although scammers are always around, they have greater opportunity at Christmas to sneak under the radar of consumers who are busy with trying to buy the perfect present or arrange their summer holidays," said Australian Competition and Consumer Commission deputy chair Peter Kell.

"That's why the ACCC has launched a Christmas SCAMwatch alert reminding consumers to bolster their defences."

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