By Claire Reilly

The consumer satisfaction ratings agency Canstar Blue has traced the buying habits of Australian consumers when it comes to dishwashers. According to a recent survey conducted by Canstar Blue, 3 out of 10 respondents are willing to spend more than $1,000 when buying the household appliance.

While the survey was primarily conducted to track brand preferences in relation to dishwashing detergent, it also provided insights into what Australian consumers are looking for when purchasing a dishwasher.

“Our research has shown of the 1 in 2 Australians who have dishwashers, a sizeable group place a great deal of importance on this popular kitchen appliance and will invest extra to get the best possible model they can afford,” said Canstar Blue manager, Rebecca Logan.

“The results also showed the vast majority of Australians rely on their dishwasher heavily to cut down on their domestic duties, with 69% of respondents using their appliance for the majority of their washing up.”

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The survey of 1,370 Australian consumers also found that “46 per cent of customers used their dishwasher sporadically to conserve water and energy, and 53 per cent considered environmentally friendly products when choosing a dishwasher”.

On an interesting side note, the presence of a dishwasher in the home does not necessarily preclude bickering over doing the dishes.

According to Canstar Blue, “The survey also showed Gen Y respondents were far more likely to experience conflict in their household over chores, with 36 per cent of Gen Y respondents clashing over chores compared with 20 per cent of Generation X and a mere 11 per cent of Baby Boomer respondents”.