By Craig Zammit

MELBOURNE: Braun has launched the new Multiquick Fresh System in Australia turning food preparation into food preservation. The Multiquick Fresh System is an extension of the original Braun handblenders but now come with the added functionality of vacuum-packing.

The innovative ‘click-in’ vacuum attachment makes preserving food simple, by using the provided FreshWare containers to seal in freshness by taking the air out of the container. Made from heat resistant glass the FreshWare containers can store any type of food in the fridge or freezer. Braun have researched that there is a clear need for innovative products that simply and easily help prepare and preserve meals for people with busy lifestyles.

“Braun launched and built the handblender category, and we are now the first company to produce a handblender incorporating a vacuum-packing facility.” explains Braun Business Manager, Daniel Barnett

“We believe the fresh system will expand food preparation category, genuinely stimulating growth at the high end of the market ad increasing business opportunities for the trade.”