By Patrick Avenell

Sony and Whirlpool have joined Samsung in reopening supply with Retravision WA and Retravision Northern after suspending the pair in the wake of Retravision Southern’s voluntary administration, internal documents reveal.

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“I am pleased to advise that both Whirlpool and Sony have removed the ‘on-hold’ positions they had taken and that their accounts are reopened with immediate effect,” wrote Retravision CEO Paul Holt in an email to members last night (Thursday 24 May 2012).

“Sony stock in transit will commence delivery from Friday morning. We are continuing to address supplier issues as they arise and will continue to resolve them as quickly as possible. 

“As we work our way through current issues, please continue to draw stock from our warehouse and from suppliers that have continued to trade on an uninterrupted basis with us, including Samsung, Sony and Whirlpool who have re-established supply lines.”