By James Wells

ALICE SPRINGS: Telstra has told Retravision retailers to embrace the sales of ADSL and wireless broadband services as an add-on sale for the 120,000 PCs and laptops sold by the group each year.

“There is not a lot of money [in selling laptops and PCs] for all the effort,” Telstra dealer channel director, Stephen Eyears in Alice Springs this afternoon.

“The Retravision attachment to Bigpond for these PCs is 3 per cent. We have 45 per cent market share of BigPond products – it accepted by more customers than anyone else in the marketplace.

“As David Barke from Retravision in Victoria says – selling a computer without an internet service is like selling a car without tyres or petrol. We know the customers are walking out and getting it from someone else or worse, another carrier. Don’t leave the money on the table,” Eyears said.

In the third quarter of 06/07, Retravision sold just 730 ADSL connections and 576 wireless broadband sales.

“This is not good enough – particularly as you don’t have to carry any stock,” he said.