By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand head of marketing, Warwick Light, has revealed that Sony is looking to introduce a digital TV tuner peripheral for its PlayStation 3 gaming console.

Talking to New Zealand’s The Press, Light spoke of the digital TV tuner add-on, which is likely to allow users to view and record their favourite television programs through their PS3 console, in the same manner as a traditional personal video recorder (PVR).

Additionally, internet gadget guide – Gizmodo, has speculated that a deal struck between Sony and TiVo back in 2001 to allow Sony to use TiVo software could see the anticipated PS3 PVR take the form a branded TiVo PVR.

Sony has already put the agreement into action via the SVR2000 and SVR3000 standalone TiVo Receivers and the DirectTiVo Receivers, as well as introducing DVR functionality to its PS2 release in Japan, the PSX.

The suggested PVR add-on comes of the back of a continued push towards marketing the PS3 a premium future-proof entertainment hub, with Sony ANZ managing director, Michael Ephraim, telling that the PS3 is selling in stores simply on the back of its multimedia functionality.

“Harvey Norman CE has been selling PS3 since May, primarily as a Blu-ray player.

“They only stock the PS3 and a Blu-ray remote, and they are selling it with high-def screens. Blu-ray and HDTV are category’s we will play a very big role in,” he said.

In accordance with the PS3’s premium positioning, Sony Australia recently retained the PS3’s $999 price tag despite the $US100 price-cuts currently being welcomed in the US. As opposed to dropping the price in Australia, Sony released a new PlayStation 3 Starter Pack, consisting of a second SixAxis wireless controller and two first-party PS3 games – Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm

“The exceptional value of the new Starter Pack will bring the excitement of PlayStation gaming to a much wider audience,” said Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president, David Reeves.

“Add to this a stellar line-up of software titles for the second half of the year and we are confident that this amazing value Starter Pack will encourage many more keen gamers to join the PlaySation 3 community.”

Ephraim stayed firm on rejecting the price-cut, instead preferring to value-add and pass on savings to Sony’s Australian consumers, with the bonus controller and games selling for $80 and $99 each respectively.

“We’re delivering $280 worth of savings, where the US cut the price by $100,” he said.