UnderCurrent was pleased to read that iconic instant camera brand Polaroid will this weekend use the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach to introduce its new hybrid digital/instant camera, the 14MP Z340, to the world’s leading surfers and their fans.

“With 51 of the world’s best surfers and crowds of more than 30,000 expected, Polaroid is to capture and share the moment throughout the event,” said the announcement.

“A team of roving ambassadors will be taking images of both surfers and spectators throughout the contest using the new Polaroid Z340 camera and instant printer.  All instant images, complete with Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach banner commemorating the event, will be handed out to spectators. 

“Hundreds of images will also be instantly uploaded from the Z340s to Rip Curl and Polaroid social media sites.  Visitors to these sites will be directed to retailers of the Polaroid range of products.”

This announcement reminds UnderCurrent of Polaroid's halcyon days, which were recorded for posterity in this absolutely outstanding spot from the glory days:

And while we are introducing some of our younger readers to the classics, here is Hollywood's take on the famous Bells Beach break: