By Martin Vedris 

SYDNEY: February was a strong month for Uniden in cordless phones with the company achieving 55 per cent of the market value and 54 per cent of the units sold. The result comes one month into the company’s  4-year extended warranty promotion. 

This strong sales result could be attributed to Uniden’s close partnerships and activities with key retailers and Uniden’s Bonus Warranty until 2013 on all Uniden cordless and corded phones purchased between 1 February and 10 May 2009. 

“Our overall value share increased from 52.6 per cent in Jan to 55.1 per cent in February,” said Uniden national marketing manager, Mark Willis. 

“It’s an excellent result. Consumers and retailers seem to really appreciate good quality products and our 2013 warranty promotion that started in February.”

In addition to some new products coming up, Willis said that Uniden wants to provide retailers with a product range that enables retailers to upsell and raise the industry’s average sale price. 

“Uniden will continue to encourage sales of better performing, full featured quality products,” he said. “If consumers part with their hard earned cash, we want to ensure we deliver them an outstanding product. And if retailers are going to make a sale, then they should make a high value sale so it is better for them and better for the consumer.”