Leading European professional audio manufacturer, Thronmax has entered the Australian and New Zealand market with its range of microphones, web cameras, headphones, and accessories.

Designed to enhance audio quality recordings for music, broadcast, post-production, and streaming, Thronmax products are easy to use and set up via USB cable to computer. They are an affordable option for content creators with each product available for sub-$250.

Patented technology available on all Thronmax products is Vertigain technology which increases sound quality and clarity by up to 10% compared to other digital USB microphones. Sound waves reach the three condensers without being scattered by a grille mesh and are collected in a more homogenous pattern. This technology is elevated by using USB Type-C.

Thronmax has observed huge growth in content across social media and streaming channels as consumers spend more time on personal development and production during the pandemic.

“Microphones play a key role in content production, particularly for amateur creators or musicians who need a camera and microphone to start producing video,” a Thronmax spokesperson told Appliance Retailer.

“We want to support users and content producers by making our products available in as many countries as possible and increasing our distribution by adding almost one new point of sale each day.

“Our goal of entering the Australia and New Zealand market was to provide content producers with affordable products that don’t compromise on quality and performance. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and are very excited to enter the ANZ market.”

Thronmax has an international team of more than 50 employees. In addition to its headquarters in Hong Kong, there are offices in China located in Shenzhen and Dongguan, as well as New Jersey in the US. Thronmax microphones are sold in 70 countries with further expansion on the horizon.