Across major appliances.

Capacity is becoming key in kitchen design, according to Eurolinx national sales manager, Tristan Peters, with increasing demand for larger capacity appliances.

“In ovens, 76cm and 90cm sizes are very popular. Larger freestanding units such as our 120cm and 150cm models are being installed together with built-in products such as combination steam ovens and combination microwaves,” he said.

There is also a focus on integrated kitchens, where everything works in harmony in function and style. “Demand for larger capacity refrigeration, both built-in and integrated, is evident by the activity in this category. Also exciting is the interest around the freestanding category, including colours and above 90cm sizes.”

As for the general appliance industry, Peters predicts a strong uplift for the remainder of the year and beyond, after a fairly quiet start to 2018. “As the real estate market, particularly in Sydney softens we should see an increase in renovations, which as we know, usually starts with the kitchen,” he said.

“Customers are better informed than they have ever been and with options as to where to purchase it’s up to the retailer to engage them and provide an experience that is both valuable and memorable. Only then will they be rewarded with their business.

“Price is not always the deciding factor with more customers looking for not only unique and bespoke products, but also a memorable shopping experience,” he added.