Eurolinx Australia CEO, Jamey Colbert has announced the implementation of several precautions for the business, effective 18 March 2020, as the COVID-19 virus continues to evolve.

“Our greatest priority at this time is the health and safety of our employees, valued clients and business partners, so the following precautions have been implemented,” he said in a statement shared with Appliance Retailer.


“There is regular sanitation of surface areas and social distance practices are in place as advised. Showroom consultations and product selections offered via appointment. Normal business hours apply, and we ask all visitors to use the sanitation facilities provided upon entry.

“We are doing our best to minimise person to person contact during this climate and Eurolinx Australia welcomes you to visit in the event that you are not able to visit a showroom location with our live chat team ready to assist with inquiries.”


“Office employees have stringent health and safety protocols. Work isolation stations are enforced and movement around offices is kept at absolute minimums. Gatherings of employees has been prohibited and is encouraged to be at a digital capacity.

“A work from home policy has been enforced for all staff not required to be at Eurolinx offices. However, day-to-day operations are as usual and all staff working from home have all necessary tools to perform their daily tasks without interruption.

“Meetings between Eurolinx staff and external business is encouraged to be reduced and meetings to be as necessity only. We encourage meetings to take place via mobile phone, Facetime, Skype or Zoom where possible.”


“For the immediate future, deliveries of Eurolinx imported brands will continue as scheduled. This is a fluid situation and any changes in deliveries and delivery bookings will be communicated as changes happen.”

Supply of goods

“Communication between our overseas suppliers has been daily and extensive and we are advised that there are no major delays in stock supply and business, manufacturing and shipping times are currently operating as usual. We will update you immediately and advise you of any changes to supply if they occur.”

Service and spare parts

“To minimise risk to our employees and customers, we are currently taking spare part inquiries over the phone. We will not be charging a postage fee for spare parts during this period.”

On a final note, Colbert said: “Please take care and thank you for your ongoing support.”