At Eurocucina, Siemens presented its Intelligent Kitchen to demonstrate the interactivity and ease of use of its appliances for a hands-free cooking experience.

The capabilities of the Siemens iQ700 studioLine ovens, launched in Australia in 2023, have been extended. The flagship oven with built-in camera currently offers an Individual Browning feature that continuously monitors the food being cooked and determines when to stop the cooking process using AI. Users can pre-select the browning level on the oven or via the Home Connect app.

Now, the flagship oven can identify food and recommend how it should be cooked thanks to a new Food Recognition feature.

“Siemens core focus for the fair was to showcase our Intelligent Kitchen and this was best represented with the presentation of our new Food Recognition feature in our top of the range oven,” BSH general manager of retail sales, Robert Warner told Appliance Retailer.

“The built-in camera will be able to scan the oven, identify up to 40 dishes – to be expanded to over 100 – and use AI to make recommendations on how best to cook your food. This feature will be available in Europe from mid-2024 and we will see the technology in Australia before the end of the year.

“We also presented new technology designed to inform our consumers, via the Home Connect app, of their consumption and how they can improve their efficiency.”