LG Electronics Australia is preparing to re-launch into the local cooking market with the roll out of a new range of ovens, cooktops, rangehoods and built-in dishwashers scheduled for late Q2 this year.

The flagship LG InstaView ovens feature the company’s InstaView technology, currently available on select LG refrigerators, allowing users to knock twice on the glass to check on cooking progress without needing to open the oven door.

ProBake Convection technology delivers a direct and constant flow of hot air on each rack, ensuring each dish is cooked evenly. True Steam cooking is made possible with a dedicated steam generator that collects water from the internal tank and envelops food in a steam bath at a temperature between 80 degrees and 99 degrees Celsius.

Choose between the 100% Steam mode or combine steam and heat to make dishes crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The Steam Assist cook mode allows users to adjust the steam intensity to three different levels – high, medium or low.

The built-in 1L water tank outside the oven cavity can be accessed directly from the control panel that automatically opens at the touch of a button. In addition to various steam options, the ovens also offer Sous Vide, Air Fry and Pizza modes.

Thanks to the EasyClean system, the ovens can be cleaned in just 10 minutes utilising the power of steam, without the need for detergents. The blue EasyClean enamel coating makes water penetrate under the dirt which requires a simple wipe of the oven at the end of the clean cycle. It helps save both time and energy compared to pyrolytic cleaning as it works at lower temperatures.

There is also the Pyrolysis function to turn dirt build-up into ash through extremely high temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. There are three cycles – short, medium or long – depending on the level of soiling.

LG smart ovens are compatible with the LG ThinQ app to pre-heat the oven, set the timer and monitor cooking, as well as automatic diagnostics, download or create new recipes, and more.