Bertazzoni is experimenting with new oven finishes which were unveiled at Eurocucina – Metallo Puro (pure metallic), Specchio (mirror) and Forma (form) – taking inspiration from a range of professional industries outside of the appliance market.

Metallo Puro, inspired by the architect industry, uses Pure Metal technology that modifies the crystallographic structure of the metal without distorting the material, keeping it pure and recyclable while improving its resistance.

Specchio, inspired by the space industry, delivers a super reflective surface in chrome, platinum, dark chrome and gold finishes. The coating is the deposition of metal oxidation and other components. Its thin metallic film is generated through the vaporising of the solid material in a vacuum chamber.

Forma, inspired by the automotive industry, uses a high-pressure mechanical process that imprints the texture in relief on the surface producing a stronger structure and unique texture. The rigidised finishes are the result of cold rolling on both the face and reverse side of stainless steel sheets.

“We are presenting these ovens as concepts at Eurocucina for feedback from our customers,” Bertazzoni director of style and marketing communication, Valentina Bertazzoni (feature image) told Appliance Retailer.

“Dark finishes are dominating the market now, but we are focused on future design trends. We see yellow making a return to homes and kitchens as it’s the colour of happiness and joy which is more important than ever as households seek refuge and safety after the pandemic and economic instability. That’s why we are showcasing gold and platinum designs because they are warm colours that provide a feeling of wellness.”