Food community focus.

BSH delivered a four-brand strategy to the market at EuroCucina with its Bosch brand of appliances located alongside the premium Gaggenau brand and technologically-orientated Siemens brand.

Complementing this diverse brand strategy was one of the most visually captivating stands at EuroCucina which departed from relying on using kitchen cabinetry and stone benchtops to tell a story about the consumer values behind the brand.

BSH Home Appliances general manager, Robert Warner, took Appliance Retailer on a tour to explain the main features of the Neff stand at EuroCucina 2018.

“From a Neff perspective over the last three years we have changed the brand to become a social food-focused brand and what we have seen here at EuroCucina is the next level of that brand position. Here we have our Neff Market, complete with a butcher in one corner focusing on what can be done with meat and a fresh produce area in another corner, right through to an area showing how you plate up the food and then share the food at the table with friends and family.

“Neff is very much a part of the food community and it is all about taking the best produce and being able to turn it into something special in the home and then sharing it in a wining and dining environment. With open plan living in Australia there is a real appetite for having space to share food and wine in your home and this where Neff connects with our these types of consumers.

“One of the main features on the stand is the 80cm Neff induction downdraft which we launched late last year. The market has exploded in ventilated downdraft and we have seen a range of brands here at EuroCucina that are displaying this type of product. From a European point of view it is becoming a very popular product, while the Australian market is taking a little bit longer to adopt the technology.

“We promoted the Neff induction downdraft on The Block last year and we plan to promote it again this year. The interesting thing from our perspective is the space capacity and that we are not taking up the entire cupboard. There are brands that take up a lot of space, however we have designed a slim cylinder at the back of the cupboard drawing the air so it can be re-circulated into the kitchen discreetly. That allows consumers to retain drawers and cupboard space or in some cases it can be entirely incorporated into an island bench configuration.”

The stand consisted of a butcher, fresh produce area, food preparation area, social table area for food sharing, among Neff products.


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Neff induction down-draft