In design and technology.

E&S Trading managing director, Rob Sinclair identifies the new trends arriving on Australian shores from this year’s EuroCucina, held in Milan.

“Two major themes that emerged at the expo include functionality and fashion forward design – which I imagine has been a response to consumers becoming increasingly design savvy. Leading brands also surprised audiences with tech-forward futuristic innovations in appliances,” Sinclair told Appliance Retailer.

Of all of the trends showcased, three in particular stood out as clear frontrunners with respect to what will most likely grace Australian homes in 2016, according to Sinclair.

Rob Sinclair

Technology in the kitchen and laundry

Cooktops with teppanyaki plates, ovens with sous-vide functions and never before seen upright cookers, were just some of the more adventurous appliances on display at EuroCucina 2016.

“However, much like catwalk couture and concept cars, radical designs like these aren’t likely to be embraced en masse by the consumer market in the immediate future – rather they provide valuable and exciting insights into the possibilities of advanced functionality and technology in the home,” he explained.

“Having said this, more practical appliances that integrate residential functionality will be met with very high demand. Forward thinking features, such as the boil to simmer function activated by pot/pan movement on AEG’s FreeZone Induction Cooktop, combine the best of cutting edge technology with practicality and functionality. This will be highly sought after by homeowners over the next couple of years.

“Looking beyond the kitchen and into the laundry, products such as the V-Zug heat pump dryer with its residual moisture sensor, will innovate the laundry category by providing accessible ways for Australian consumers to incorporate advanced technology into the home,” he said.

Sleek and integrated design

Built-in appliances that create a seamless aesthetic and the illusion of space is another trend we can expect to see much more of in 2016 and beyond. As an example, Wolf’s floating black glass oven allows for the front of the oven to be installed with surrounding cabinetry for the all-over unified look consumers are now seeking.

Showcasing the best of Scandinavian design, Asko’s Craft Series is another fantastic example of innovation in the built-in appliance space. Marrying high-quality craftsmanship with an elegant minimalist design, the range boasts numerous products – all of which can be built into existing kitchens to create the illusion of space.

Fashion-inspired pieces

Fashion inspired appliances that can be seamlessly incorporated into the wider design of a room will become increasingly popular in 2016. Ranging from simplistic designs with subtle hues, to brightly colored stand-out items, these products double as both appliances and feature pieces.

In partnering with fashion house Dolce and Gabbana, Smeg has recently created some of the most eye-catching appliances of all time.

The Sub-Zero Built-In Flush Inset Side by Side Refrigerator with its contemporary design and on-trend wooden colour scheme, is the type of appliance that will gain popularity in 2016, namely for its ability to be seamlessly incorporated into the wider design of a room, whilst also being a statement piece.