By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: One word can be used to describe the cooling season so far, “Bad”. “It hasn’t got hot yet,” the north Queensland retailer told

“There’s been too much rain basically, and I’m sitting on a lot of air con. The season just hasn’t happened and the worst part is that it warms up and then it rains; the rain’s really hurt it.”

“We haven’t had a proper air con season for four to five years now.”

“It’s a bit of a catch, the hardest part for us with air con is that we have to put forward orders back in July or August so we’ve got to look into our crystal ball and work out what’s going to happen.”

The retailer said he looked at Bureau of Meteorology predictions as an individual and as a Group as a means of gathering as much information as possible before making orders.

“We also get a lot of feedback from the suppliers; they come and tell us statistics on what and how. They’re all struggling too, it’s happening all the way through along the line.

“The other thing with we’re finding too, is prices – a lot of the prices haven’t changed much with the dollar. It works a bit like fuel prices, you know, when the dollar was bad fuel prices went up, now the dollar is good fuel prices haven’t actually come down a lot.”

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