By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: A new toaster that cooks eggs is the latest product from Tefal. In stores now in time for Mother’s Day, the Toast n’ Egg is one of those products that makes you think ‘why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?’.

The Toast n’ Egg (RRP $79.95) combines two appliances in one. With this new toaster you can cook poached, scrambled and boiled eggs and toast two slices of bread, muffins or bagels at the same time. It can also perform both functions separately — so it can cook just the eggs or just toast the bread with the wide-slot toaster.

“The Toast n’ Egg is a fantastic new product,” said Groupe SEB marketing manager, Filiz Bensan. “It is very simple and easy to use. If you are like me where you are in a rush in the morning, it’s a great way to prepare your breakfast in no time at all. It just takes a couple of minutes to make poached egg on toast and the results are just amazing.”

To boil an egg you fill the special egg compartment with water using the measuring cup that comes with the Toast n Egg. The amount of water you add determines whether you will cook soft, medium or hard boiled eggs because the eggs are actually steamed, not boiled and when the water added is boiled dry, the unit automatically switches off, guaranteeing perfect boiled eggs.

When steaming the eggs you actually pierce the top of the egg with the egg piercer on the bottom of the measuring cup to prevent the egg shells from cracking during cooking.

Cooking poached eggs is usually an acquired skill, but the Toast n’ Egg creates ‘muffin-sized’ poached eggs.

“Since the egg is poached in water without the use of oil or butter, it is entirely possible to make a quick and healthy meal to start your day. The eggs are consistently cooked to perfection and as they are steamed, they are virtually fat-free as well so it will also appeal to those who are health conscious,” said Bensan.

In addition to the egg poaching tray, the steamer tray for hard boiled and soft boiled eggs, and the wide slot two slice toaster, the product also has a warming tray for heating mushrooms, spinach or pre-cooked meats and sausages.

“We are very excited to be launching a unique product into the breakfast category,” said Bensan. “One of our main objectives is to be able of offer consumer’s innovative solutions for their homes. We know consumers are always on the look out for innovations. Therefore, we expect this product to perform quite strongly and believe retailers will do very well with it. We have put in place a strong marketing program that will cover PR, in-store displays, merchandising and demonstrations.”