NAVTEQ has just announced that it has entered an agreement with Navman, which means all Navman portable navigation devices will now utilise the company’s mapping data.

With this announcement, it means that NAVTEQ is now the preferred map supplier across MiTAC, the company who owns Navman, Mio and Magellan in Australia.

“We recognise that NAVTEQ plays an important and integral role in differentiating Navman’s product offerings in Australia. Given NAVTEQ’s superior map data and content rich navigation services, we are confident that NAVTEQ will fulfil our requirements for fresh, innovative and rich map data and content,” said Wendy Hammond, marketing director, Navman.

The relationship between NAVTEQ and Navman started in November 2008, when it supplied map data and content for Navman’s premium S-Series Platinum devices.

“We look forward to our continued relationship with NAVTEQ,” Hammond said.

Kirk Mitchell, director, business development, NAVTEQ, was excited about working with Navman.

“As Navman is one of Australia’s leading innovators of high-quality navigation, we are very pleased to be selected as Navman’s preferred map supplier,” he said.

“NAVTEQ and Navman have built a strong relationship based on the common goal of bringing the best navigation experience to Australian consumers.”

Mitchell also highlighted that NAVTEQ will continually strive to help provide new content to keep Navman’s range unique.

“We are constantly looking to launch a variety of new and exciting map features to our customers in Australia to help differentiate their product portfolio.”