By Sarah Falson

SYDNEY: Flat panel PC monitors sold well during the third quarter of fiscal 2007, resulting in a 23 per cent growth for the LCD PC monitor market compared with the same period in 2005, according to a report by analyst IDC.

Retailers experienced supply shortages of 17- and 19-inch panels, which pushed up the prices of these models during the quarter. Seventeen and 19-inch panels are most likely to be packaged with desktop PCs, using up stock supplies. 

“A few vendors chose to absorb the higher panel prices and keeping their prices unchanged. It also helped that some had large inventory on hand, or were undergoing transitions in their product range. The strong Australian dollar in July and August also helped keep prices competitive,” said IDC.

However, this lead to a greater take-up of larger screens and widescreen monitors during the period, meaning also that prices for larger-sized monitors and widescreens fell.

“Keen pricing has driven strong shipments of monitors larger than 20 inches in 3Q06, in both the commercial and consumer segments. Meanwhile, wide-screen LCD monitors continued to gain traction in 3Q06, as shipments grew 27.8% over 2Q06,” said the report.

Harris Technology, a major re-seller of computer goods, declined to comment on its third quarter sales.

However, a spokesperson at Harvey Norman in Woden, ACT, said that during the Christmas period after the third quarter, the retailer didn’t experience any flat panel shortages as the store “orders in advance.”

Furthermore, the spokesperson said that prices for 17- and 19-inch flat panel PC monitors “went down” during the Christmas selling period.