By Sarah Falson

SYDNEY: Bing Lee has revamped its website,, with a fresh new look and an associated monthly e-newsletter to which visitors can sign up to receive free monthly news alerts.

Bing Lee’s original site was launched in 1997 and, with the retailer celebrating 50 years of service this year, the company said it is now time to refresh the design and functionality of the website so it’s aligned with the branding and philosophy of Bing Lee.

“Knowledge creates an attitude that in turn, creates behaviour,” said Bing Lee general manager, Phil Moujeas.

“By providing customers with more knowledge about Bing Lee we are able to extend our customer service and commitment to quality beyond just our in-store environment.”

The site was redesigned by creative company Adrenalin Media, and allows users to research products online, learn about bonus offers, view pricing and search for their nearest Bing Lee outlet.

The site will also include a number of interactive features and rich-media components which will be used to highlight instore promotions, specials and partnerships.

“Our tradition at Bing Lee is to provide a tailored, personalised experience when a customer visits a Bing Lee store,” said Moujeas.

“We want to ensure this remains an aspect of the customer experience.

“By keeping the website free of e-commerce facilities we are able to utilise the website as an extended part of the experience whilst still ensuring our customers are visiting stores to get the best price and information on products.”