By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: AVG is currently targeting parents of school-age children in a back-to-school internet security marketing campaign. Collateral material for this campaign can be utilised in store to promote the use of online security products to parents who may be naive to threats and kids who may be too cavalier to properly protect themselves.

In the promotion, parents are advised to provide the following for their kids’ PCs: a safe case for the hardware to be carried in, anti-virus software, recordable disks for backing up, USB key for data transfer, an Ethernet cable, a wireless network card and a laptop security cable.

“There is much to learn and monitor when it comes to your children’s use of computers,” said AVG marketing manager Lloyd Borrett. “With the many threats out there today and changes in technology, it can be quite a daunting task for parents to keep up. From our extensive knowledge of what is happening in the area of Internet security, we have compiled a checklist covering all the issues.”

“As parents and their children rely more and more on the information stored on home computers, I cannot stress too highly how vital it is to protect it against online threats or loss.”

Borrett continued to stress that viruses and malware are being created at exponential rates, and that those perpetrating online fraud, or ever just writing viruses to be disruptive, are increasingly getting better at their evil craft.

“Viruses are being introduced so rapidly that most reputable security software vendors release multiple threat definition updates every day. Not only the operating system but all other programs and pieces of software on the computer need to be regularly updated,” said Borrett.

The AVG marketing material can be viewed by clicking here.