By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: The recent recall of over 131,000 TV wall mount brackets in the United States has led an Australian company to urge more caution be taken when purchasing TV wall brackets.

The Minnesota based company, Milestone, voluntarily recalled the brackets last week in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission after it was discovered that certain models showed signs of slipping elbow joint threads, which caused the televisions to tilt and reduced the amount of weight the units could hold.

While no injuries have been reported by the falling apart of the brackets, Australian TV wall mounting specialists Adtec, said an appealing design does not guarantee safe installation.

“Having aesthetically pleasing qualities doesn’t mean you have to compromise on safety for flat panel mounting in the home and commercial situation,” said Adtec managing director, Jerome Green.

“Smart design today isn’t just strength or aesthetics. It means functionality, environmentally responsible design, ease of installation and stylish design without compromising strength and durability.”

Adtec advises consumers to research TV mounts thoroughly before making a purchase.