By James Wells

SYDNEY: Sharp Corporation of Australia has announced it will commence a six-figure TV branding campaign on Sunday evening to promote its Aquos LCD TV range in the lead-up to Christmas.

According to Sharp deputy managing director, Denis Kerr, the campaign builds on a billboard campaign conducted last month, which was so successful it resulted in consumers entering the stores and specifically referring to the advertisement.

“I am sometimes a little sceptical of what advertising actually works, as you don’t always know the true results. But it is pleasing to hear from retailers that customers have walked into the store and quoted the billboard and purchased a Sharp LCD television,’ Kerr told

The pre-Christmas campaign, titled ‘Unmistakably Japanese. Universally Clear’, reinforces Sharp’s ‘Made in Japan’ focus and its market leadership within its domestic market.

“The clear message is that Sharp is the number one selling LCD in Japan and clears up the perception that other well known Japanese brands are not made in Japan, but elsewhere in Asia. The Japanese market is one of the largest markets in the world and is a very progressive market. It is important to emphasise that Sharp is the only brand made in Japan, as people buy products based not just on the advertising you do, but the perception of the brand and whether the product relies on Japanese manufacturing, engineering and technology,” Kerr said.

Featuring a mix of Japan’s unique cherry blossoms and brightly coloured Koi fish, the campaign is being launched across Free to Air TV, Foxtel, billboards, weekend magazine press as well as selected internet sites.

The new branding campaign will run concurrently with Sharp’s Fly Free consumer promotion, which continues until the end of December.