The employment landscape is tipping in favour of the worker and employers who have a large deskless workforce need to find new ways to engage with their staff, according to management group, Workforce Software.

The company has released a global study measuring employee experience during the pandemic that identified significant gaps between what employers believed they were providing and what employees were experiencing.

In Australia and New Zealand, 85% of employers believed they were providing flexibility in scheduling, but only 65% of employees agreed; and 90% of employers said they helped staff deal with personal circumstances that impacted their work schedules, however, only 61% of employees agreed.

Staff churn in retail has always been an expensive burden so to prevent employees from shopping around for a better deal, employee engagement is critical.

Workforce Software CEO, Mike Morini said sharing and collaboration achieved through advanced technology is key for businesses and individuals to remain agile and be successful in today’s complex, and often remote, working environment.

“You can’t sit on the sidelines and not engage fully with technology, you must engage and invest in modern technology that connects and elevates your workforce,” he said.

Workforce Software has integrated innovative new technologies into its workforce management suite of products, intended to engage the employee and boost the employee experience.  

Among them are Personal and Timely Surveys that can be delivered to an employee or groups for instant feedback for managers to act upon; Micro-training to quickly boost employee skills and improve customer service; and Documents that can be shared in one app comprising training materials, POS, checklists and processes, that are accessible on an employee’s mobile.