Emilia Glem, local subsidiary of the Italian Glem Gas S.p.A. brand and distributor of the Emilia and Glem cooking appliance brands, has announced a number of new appointments to its management team following the departure of long-time managing director David Gilmore.

Former Hagemeyer Brands Australia general manager Shane McNulty will step into Gilmore’s role, taking over as managing director of Australian operations. His appointment follows a brief stint as managing director of a newcomer to the Australian market, Nardi Household Appliances; in total, McNulty has more than 25 years’ experience in sales, marketing and management roles across a number of well-known brands including Sharp and Kimberly-Clark.

Speaking about his new role, which will see him take up responsibility for sales and brand development, McNulty said he was looking forward to seeing Emilia Glem grow its presence in the Australian market:

We are a global business that continues to deliver innovative, high quality products boasting fine craftsmanship. The products satisfy the needs of novice home cooks right through to the professionals.

Glem is the leading cooker brand in Italy and its dominance over the last five years stands testament to this. With dual fuel the preferred cooker choice in Australia, I am looking forward to growing our presence in this market, translating the success we enjoy in Italy.

Furthermore, Glem is one of only two direct factory Italian cooker brands in Australia, providing retailers and consumers with additional support.

Adding to McNulty’s appointment, the company has also promoted New South Wales sales manager Ian Gardiner to the position of Emilia Glem national sales manager. In his new role, Gardiner will be responsible for “managing national accounts and driving growth in all sales channels”.

Emilia Glem_Shane McNulty

Former Hagemeyer veteran Shane McNulty has joined Emilia Glem as the cooking brand’s new managing director.

Emilia Glem_Ian Gardiner

Ian Gardiner has been promoted from New South Wales sales manager to national sales manager at Emilia Glem.