By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Nintendo has announced it sold 133,691 DS handheld consoles and 73,318 Wii consoles over December, according to GfK figures released today.

The Wii’s Christmas sales through-put made it the second highest selling console behind Nintendo DS for the Christmas period.

According to the figures, the Nintendo DS also took out the title of biggest selling console of 2007, with 509,869 sold.

The December sales splurge also pushed the DS over the one million unit mark after 153 weeks on sale. The Wii also reached the 300,000 unit mark, 58 weeks after its launch. Both figures make both the DS and Wii the fastest selling consoles to reach these milestones.

The console and game maker also crowed about its game success, with Nintendo games taking out six of the top ten titles of the year.

“We are finding that people who have not played video games before are now enjoying playing Nintendo DS and Wii, which has resulted in the sales results revealed by GfK Australia”, said Nintendo Australia managing director Rose Lappin.

2008 will see a number of new games for the consoles, including Professor Kageyama’s Maths Training: The Hundred Cell Calculation Method, available February 7, and Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol and Naruto Ninja Destiny on Nintendo DS mid-March.