By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Dyson has unveiled two new upright vacuum cleaners, the compact DC24 Ball and lightweight, full size, DC25 Ball.

The DC24 is a miniaturised version of the existing DC15 Ball and was initially launched in Japan, where houses are generally smaller than those in most western nations.

Sitting in between a full size upright and a stick vacuum in size, the DC24 is also ideal for an Australia where more people are living in smaller houses and city centre apartments, said Dyson.

“In Australia, in line with the trend to marry and/or have children later and an ageing population there has been an increase in single person households. An increase in trends for apartment living equals less storage space,” said Dyson South East Asia managing director, Ross Cameron.

As such, the DC24 was thus “for consumers looking for a small machine that still delivers a powerful cleaning performance,” said Cameron,

Dyson said the DC24 matched other models for performance, but simply reduced the size. For storage, the DC24 also shrinks a further 33 per cent by way of a retractable handle.

The DC24 retains the Radix Cyclone technology from other recent Dyson models and as such is also accepted by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program.

Joining the DC24 is the new, lighter DC25 upright. Essentially a slimmed down version of the DC15 Ball, the DC25 weighs 7.4 kg, as opposed to the DC25, which weighs 8.6 kg.

Both the DC24 and DC 25 are available from 1 August. The DC24 will retail for $649 while the DC25 will sell for RRP $849.