Electrolux has expanded its ComfortLift dishwasher range with the addition of a 60cm built-under model with ComfortLift, MaxiFlex cutlery drawer, AirDry technology and more.

ComfortLift makes it easier to load and unload dishes with a unique hinge mechanism that gently lifts the lower rack.

The MaxiFlex drawer accommodates all utensils from spoons to spatulas with flexible dividers that can be customised according to the load. SoftGrips gently secure each individual glass stem while the rubber SoftSpikes cushion glassware from vibration during the wash cycle.

SatelliteClean shoots multiple jets of water into every corner of the dishwasher to ensure every item is thoroughly cleaned. The double rotation movement continuously changes the angle of the water jets to ensure maximum coverage.

AirDry technology finishes each cycle with fresh air by automatically opening the door 10cm towards the end of the drying phase. The Beam-on-Floor feature projects the status of the wash program to easily see when it’s time to unload. A red spot means the program is still running, while a green spot means it is complete.