With over 100 years of sustainable heritage and shaping living for the better, Electrolux has made a bold commitment to a sustainable future with the opening of the six-star energy rated distribution centre at Ravenhall in Melbourne this week.

Embracing world leading utilisation of natural resources including solar and water reuse, the facility provides a blueprint for the future having been designed with sustainability and employee safety at the forefront of the decision-making process.

Electrolux Australia & New Zealand managing director, Kurt Hegvold with the team that brought Ravenhall to life. 

“This building marks the culmination of several years of work where, with the planning expertise of Allan Frydman of JLL and the guidance of Derek Haley, our director of operations and growth, we were able to challenge a traditional approach to ‘building a shed’ where efficiency is the only driver,” Electrolux managing director for Australia & New Zealand, Kurt Hegvold said.

The exterior of the Ravenhall facility.

Officiating at the grand opening, Hegvold was joined by Electrolux vice president of Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Adam Cich and Councillor Kathy Madjlik of Melton City Council for the ribbon cutting in front of partners including the Electrolux regional leadership team, retailers, building partners JLL & Dexus, as well as the local community.

Upon conclusion of the formalities, guests were able to tour the facility to hear firsthand from employees about the innovations incorporated into Ravenhall. These include advanced recycling facilities to continue the commitment to Zero Waste to landfill, a forklift fleet to be 100% solar powered from the 200kW solar array installation, advanced forklift detection systems for pedestrian safety and enhanced dock utilisation to further improve efficiency of stock movements.

Harnessing a portion of the generated electricity, visitors watch on as an electrical forklift is put through its paces in the Ravenhall facility.

Now fully operational, the 20,000 square metre facility is the starting point for Electrolux in the refurbishment and development of the operations facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

Gary Strachan from the Electrolux operations team demonstrates the advanced proximity sensors utilised to keep pedestrians and drivers safe.

At the heart of the planning comes a simple principle, according to Hegvold. “We want to be a business that people want to work for, a business that people want to work with and one the local community are proud to call their neighbour.”

The Ravenhall facility is located 25 minutes from the Melbourne CBD in the culturally diverse and rapidly growing Melton council area.

Feature image: Councillor Kathy Majdlik of Melton City Council (centre) cuts the ribbon with Electrolux Australia & New Zealand managing director, Kurt Hegvold (left) and Electrolux vice president of Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Adam Cich (right).