By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Fisher & Paykel has announced the release of the fourth edition of its super-premium Izona range of kitchen appliances, with the Izona CookSpace.

Joining the existing CookSurface, CoolDrawer and intuitive VentSurface, the 90-centimetre CookSpace oven has been designed with self cleaning technology and first generation functionality as priorities, but also with aesthetic value firmly in mind.

“With the rising popularity of home cooking and entertaining, the kitchen has become the heart of the house, and the oven its soul,” said Fisher & Paykel’s national marketing manager, Peter Russell.

“A person’s choice of oven tells us a lot about their culinary capability and aesthetic style.”

The CookSpace is part of Fisher & Paykel’s Project Modules design philosophy, which calls for modular 900-millimetre wide and 480-millimetre high appliances that can easily be placed among anything else in the kitchen.

The new oven is designed to match with the company’s CoolDrawer and upcoming 900-millimetre DishDrawer.

“Conceivably, the ideal Izona kitchen would not need any tall vertical structures at all, as each Izona item can be placed under bench,” Russell said.

The Izona CookSpace features Pyrolytic self cleaning function, as well as a built in professional grade rotisserie and will be available this month for RRP $5,299.