By Martin Vedris

BRENDALE, QLD: Crest Electronics, distributor of sound and vision accessories, has undergone the company’s first restructure since Greg Randle was appointed managing director in June.

“It has been an exciting period of time since my appointment to the role of managing director of Crest,” said Randle.

“The financial year has kicked off extremely well with strong growth resulting from a number of new product releases under the Crest, Philips and Sony brands.”

Randle advised today that he has implemented some key staff changes with the aim being to provide retailers with enhanced quality of service and value.

“Through a reorganising of the business Dirk and Ralph Olbertz, the owners of the business, have moved away from the operational side and now sit on a four-person advisory board whom I report to monthly,” Randle explained.

Following this development, Randle has implemented a leadership team consisting of Dominic Quilligan, general manager – finance & corporate services; Darryl Tebbutt, general manager – sales; Peter Hubczenko, supply chain manager; Terry Lockitch, merchandise manager; Dean Wall, marketing and strategy manager; and Craig Carr, national field sales and training manager.

“Darryl Tebbutt takes on the role of general manager – sales, which I have vacated,” said Randle.

“Darryl recently joined the business and comes with a wealth of sales and marketing experience from major branded players including Kellogg, White Wings Foods, Meadowlea Foods and Golden Circle.

“Peter Hubczenko replaces Paul McCarthy (who has left the business to pursue outside interests) and Terry Lockitch replaces Peter Hubczenko as merchandise manager.

“I am confident these changes and the above team will drive Crest forward and provide the leadership and direction required to ensure that we maximise our trade partners’ success,” said Randle.