By Patrick Avenell

The Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) this afternoon announced the signing of 16 new members to its organisation.

Under the terms of the TV and PC Recycling Scheme, all importers of TVs and PC hardware products must join an approved recycling program. So far, three have been approved: ANZRP, DHL Supply Chain Australia and E-Cycle Solutions.

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The 16 new members of ANZRP are: Amicroe Australia, Bluechip Infotech, Brother International, Dell Australia , Dicker Data, Direct Memory Access, EMC Global Holdings Company, Epson Australia, Medion AG, NEC Australia, Pioneer Electronics Australia, Rectron Electronics, Targus Australia, The Reject Shop, Thorn Group and Uniden Australia.

"These members are at the forefront of product stewardship in Australia dedicated to ensuring sound environmental outcomes and OH&S compliance.  Industry is funding the scheme and placing the environment first and in doing so providing a valuable community service," said ANZRP GM Carmel Dollisson in a statement.

The first city to be serviced in this scheme will be Canberra, with DHL commencing operations in the Capital from 15 May 2012.

TV & PC Recycling Scorecard (1 May 2012)


Panasonic Australia
Amicroe Australia
Bluechip Infotech
Brother International
Dell Australia
Dicker Data
Direct Memory Access
EMC Global Holdings Company
Epson Australia
Medion AG
NEC Australia
Pioneer Electronics Australia
Rectron Electronics
Targus Australia
The Reject Shop
Thorn Group
Uniden Australia


Sony Australia

E-Cycle Solutions

Retravision (strategic partnership)